Environmentally friendly

We are proud to be the most eco-friendly tour operators in the region. Indeed our buses have been converted to propane which allows us to lower our gas emanation by 25%.

Propane is a clean burning gas whose combustion produces far fewer pollutants and greenhouse gases than gasoline or diesel. In general, it is estimated that propane pollutes 25% less than gasoline, which means:

  • Less carbon dioxide (CO 2)
  • Less carbon monoxide;
  • Less nitrogen oxide;
  • Fewer smog producing hydrocarbons.

Propane is not only less polluting when consumed, but its production and distribution also produces much less polluting emissions. Upstream Carbon Emissions Propane is safe. No additional insurance premium is required by insurers for propane vehicles. The pumps are designed to prevent overflow and propane emissions. Propane is one of the safest fuels on the market, all categories combined.

Source: Alliance AutoGas